BALOUN FLEXISADDLE® is the unique invention of Mr. Robert Baloun, sports rider, horse trainer and the owner of Czech company Baloun®, which is the only one in the world who produce it.

BALOUN FLEXISADDLE® is flexible riding saddle. The weight is about 3.5 kg and consists of saddle tree made of lamela forms on thermoactive gel panels and exchangeable gullet. The world's unique internal construction and production technology allows the flexisaddle to work simultaneously with horse's back at every stage of the movement (video here).

For riders and horses BALOUN FLEXISADDLE® brings maximum comfort. It has therapeutic effects because it absorbs shocks and protects spines and joints. Thanks to its unique technology and used materials saddle grows and falls with the muscularity of horse.

BALOUN FLEXISADDLE® is used for sport (video here) as well as pleasure riding. Each flexisaddle is fitted and made to measure for rider and horse. You can choose from various models, types, colours and sizes.

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Watch these videos how BALOUN FLEXISADDLE® works.